We thought we’d make this special ‘International Page’ to let you know that we easily switch from Dutch to English and back. (with maybe even a detour via French, German and a little bit of Arab and Indonesian… but that’s a whole other story…) and to give you an impression of the work we do.

It might be interesting to know that we both come from quite mixed backgrounds and upbringings. (hence the impressive language mix 😉 ) and that we both studied for our Masters at the International School of Storytelling in the UK.

We consider ourselves to be ‘Internationals’ and feel very much at home in an international setting. Therefore, we travel the world with our storywork and frequent International schools and businesses and have been working in Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, Brussels and Cape Town. In The Netherlands, we have been working with the American School, the British School and the European School a.o. and, of course, with our favourite partner in international arts: STET – The English Theatre.

If you would like us to host workshops or tell stories at your location, do feel free to contact us via, or call/WA us via +31(0)16630661. We can tailor anything to your needs and desires.

Looking froward to hearing from you,

Caja & Michael