Into the Soup! is a storytelling show that Caja and Michael created about The Plastic Soup, a most topical subject in urgent need of global attention. Michael and Caja invite you into their shipping container to experience the plastic soup first hand, and to transport you into the future.

Into the Soup! is a short, captivating show for all ages filled with rich imagery, crazy kings, sad fish, Hugo de Groot and a Plastic Princess, that will get you to think and feel more about this subject. The show helps to create a conversation among the audience about how we, as individuals, can cope with the Goliath that is the 260 million tons of plastic, that comes into the world every year.

Flyer 7 days

7 Days of Happiness – Inner Happiness Retreat is exactly what it says. Unwind, let go of fast thinking, feel, find peacefulness, kindness and joy in jourself and others. Good food and drink, listen to music, dance, take strolls along the beach, celebrate, that you took this magnificent trip to Ibiza. Laugh, about jourself and the two dogs in the house, voice your desires, dream a future, surrender to massage, yoga and the tenderness of your own body and:

Listen to stories every day, discover the hero you are, stretch your imagination, train it, until it is so flexible, it can embrace the life you want to live.

Visit the facebook page for information and to join us! Our next retreat is in autumn 2016

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The Children’s Mayor is a project that translates matters from the world of adults to that of the children. Often children are confronted with terms like ‘elections’, ‘politics’, ‘party’, ‘policy’, ‘Rutte’ without knowing what they are all about. They do however contrive that grown-ups fuss about them quite a lot. It is important that, when children start to talk about politics, they not only understand ‘how is works’, but also learn to see issues from various perspectives. Not just from their district, their classroom, their family, but meet children from different neighbourhoods to discuss their issues together. The project gives children a voice and, moreover, shows them how to use it.

The Children’s Mayor YozyAsz and his retinue recieve children, from all elementary schools in The Hague als well as the VMBO’s, at the council chamber to hear their plans for the city of The Hague. The Children’s Mayor is an initiative of Stichting Atrium and offers programmes for grades 5-9.


August 28th marks the centennial anniversary of the Peace Palace in The Hague. Since its inauguration, the Peace Palace has become a worldwide icon of Peace and Justice. A chain of special events are scheduled between August 28th and September 21st, the UN Day of Peace, to emphasize The Netherlands’ unwavering commitment to a better world in which conflicts are settled peacefully.

Bertha von Suttner and Andrew Carnegie were two exceptionally active pacifists, who dedicated themselves to the ideal and practical realisation of a universal peace trough arbitration. The Peace Palace, that opened its doors on August 28th 1913,  is the jewel in the crown of their work. As part of the festivities Caja and Michael will appear, to tell the stories of these magnificent individuals and give guests a chance to meet them in discussion.

De Kleine Johannes by Rogier Chang

Following her graduation from The International School of Storytelling in England, Caja developed the desire to do something with ‘the most beautiful story in the world’. She theatrically tells the tale of A way of man (De Kleine Johannes) by Frederik van Eeden.
It is a classic coming of age story; Jonathan, a boy on his quest to manhood, follows a long journey filled with wonder, love, loneliness and danger. On this journey Jonathan is motivated by his will to discover the one absolute truth. He meets many fantastical characters who claim to know this truth and he follows them, always with full devotion and ready with questions. The story is suitable for adults from the age of 16.

A way of man is a Home-Theatre Performance ! 

The story can be performed at your home or at a location in your own neighborhood. For example on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary, the event of your children ‘flying the nest’ and leaving home, or even your desire to ‘spread your wings’. It is also possible to book A way of man for a group/club activity, also the story could be performed in your home or own choice of venue. (Book club, Home for the Elderly, Library etc.). Jonathan’s message is also for young people and is available to Youth Club members and Schools, performed by The Home-Theatre Performance.

The performance takes approximately 75 minutes and the set up is quite simple as far as background and lighting go. Although an acting space of 3×3 meters is a necessity.

Lumsum: 700,- Euro excl. VAT. (Private bookings can be negotiated.)

Foto: Peter van Beek

‘Am I for ever travelling yet never returning home?’ has been the starting point of inspiration for MichaelandCaja. ”Where is home?” is such a relevant question to many that migrate and travel the world nowadays. Caja and Michael, both raised in mixed cultures themselves, wonder how they might uncover a feeling of being at home within.

Theatrical Storytelling
Theatrically staged Storytelling by 2 storytellers (M&C). The telling of the legend is blended with auto-biographical stories of Michael and Caja.
Duration: app. 60 minutes
The telling can also be booked in combination with a Storytelling- or theme specific workshop hosted by MichaelandCaja.